Design is about problem solving and detailing; it is a collaboration of ideas that achieve a common comprehensible goal. Every scale necessitates design from the construction details to urban planning because each project informs the parameters of another project. Just as there is a challenge to make a prototype design for a retail store work in any given context, so is the test to understand how any one typology of architecture affects another typology in an urban planning context. The way a wall detail meets a floor is as much of a design opportunity as the juxtaposition of a high rise to the street.

Everything is design. It is how we see the world and how we communicate what we do. Design is not just one phase of the building process; rather the foundation from which we are able to achieve solutions to challenges we are presented. Our passion for meticulously confronting the world through the design process broadens our scope of work and strengthens our vision. Interest in collaboration, community, and environment supports design as a tool for investigating life's everyday practices.

W Hotels Banana Republic "H", formerly Halloran, Robertson & Associates